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Clenbuterol also known as clen, is not a steroid, but a Beta 2 tonic. It is like Ephedrine. Clenbuterol is used by the people who have breathing disorders to make breathing easier. This medication is accepted for those who suffer from asthma. It relaxes the muscle and helps regulate asthma syndrome. The effects are quite genuine. It also helps in stimulating nervous system, blood pressure and transit of oxygen. This drug is also used for weight loss in a more effective and efficient rate. If you are fitness conscious then you can completely rely on Clenbuterol as its fat loss effects are long lasting. It improves the metabolism of the person which eventually results in loss of weight.


Chemically we can define clenbuterol as a sympathomimetic amine and its chemical formula is C12H18Cl2N2O. Most commonly it is available as a hydrochloride salt, clenbuterol hydrochloride. To buy clenbuterol it is available in different name in the market such as spiropent, dilaterol, ventipulmin etc. Clenbuterol is its generic name.

The source of clenbuterol is a racemic (1:1) mixture of sterio isomers as a pure compound, is present in another composition 3:1, in meat due to difference in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. The extraction of clenbuterol from meat must be optimised because the incidence of positive clenbuterol findings in residue control is very low.

Clenbuterol is also recommended for the athletes for increasing cardiovascular intensity. It increases your Basal metabolic rate (BMR) thus is very effective aid to fat loss. It is recommended to be used in small doses; higher dose may have an inadequate effect. It comes in different forms such as liquid, nasal sprays, tablet form and injectables. The use of performance enhancing materials is intensifying among Body Builders and Athletes for the growth of skeletal muscle and to reduce extra body flab. It is highly popular among female athletes who are conscious of their weight. It continues to gain popularity in the body building enthusiasts due to its capability.


Clenbuterol does not have major side effects. In some case it causes nervousness, high blood pressure, and gastric problems. It should be taken in morning to allow some metabolism before sleep at night. The people who use it as self administering for enhance athletic performance cause problems such as diaphoresis, nausea, vomiting etc. Use of this drug may be detected by checking its presence in urine or in semen.


Other Amazing Facts

  • Clenbuterol is approved in certain countries as an asthma drug

  • It should be kept away from children and should be kept at room temperature in a closed container.

  • It is conveniently accessible on internet as tablet, syrup and an injectable formation.

  • The most efficient and simple procedure for Clenbuterol usage is 2 weeks on followed by 2 weeks off. It is recommended to start with a small dose and once the body is able to adapt it, you can gradually increase the dosage as suggested. Read More